Think of the time you could save if someone was on hand when you needed them, to find solutions, manage home projects and run everyday errands. Lifestyle Manager can take your 'to-do' list and give you back your time helping you to achieve the work/life balance you deserve.


Our Lifestyle Service will save you hassle and time, remove the stress from your busy life; leaving you free to focus on your work commitments, enjoy your personal time and get the most from your lifestyle.

Located in Roslin (Area: Edinburgh, Lothians), MONARCHIO is fantastic at organising all the things that you don't have time to do yourself.


Our clients are discerning individuals and most already have domestic staff. Our job begins where that of cleaners ends.


Go to our C O N T A C T page and please send us a message, let us work together on making your life less stressful and much more fun.


We don't charge for any consultations in which we come out to meet with you to discuss our services, and there is no obligation to use us.


If you would like to find out more information about MONARCHIO, please read our A B O U T page or F A Q page.